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Vol. 3 & 4

  • Back From The Grave - Crypt Reco
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1    Little Willie And The Adolescents–    Get Out Of My Life
2    Chentelles–    Be My Queen
3    Ken And The Fourth Dimension–    See If I Care
4    The Fugitives*–    You Can't Blame That On Me
5    Me And Them Guys–    I Loved Her So
6    Intruders Five–    Ain't Comin' Back
7    Monacles*–    I Can't Win
8    Lil' Boys Blue–    I'm Not There
9    Jerry And The Others–    Don't Cry To Me
10    Royal Flairs–    Suicide
11    Murphy And The Mob–    Born Loser
12    Mods*–    You've Got Another Think Comin'
13    Interns–    I've Got Something To Say
14    Sir Winston And The Commons–    We're Gonna Love
15    Montells–    You Can't Make Me
16    Tamrons–    Wild-Man
17    Cyclones (2)–    She's No Good
18    The Fabs–    Dinah Wants Religion
19    Red Beard And The Pirates–    Go On Leave
20    Hallmarks–    I Know Why
21    Rocky & The Riddlers–    Flash And Crash
22    Tonto & The Renegades–    Little Boy Blue
23    The Botumles Pit–    13 Stories High
24    Aztex–    I Said Move
25    The Nomads (8)–    Be Nice
26    Bunker Hill–    The Girl Can't Dance
27    Sloths–    Makin' Love
28    The Wyld–    Fly By Nighter
29    Vectors–    What In The World
30    Huns–    Shakedown

Autor Back From The Grave
Discográfica Crypt Records
Formato CD