1956-57 and Beyond

  • Calypso Craze - Bear Family
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Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set)

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Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 1
01 Marry An Ugly Woman Lion, The
02 Edward The VIII Caresser, The
03 Roosevelt In Trinidad Atilla The Hun
04 Guests Of Rudy Vallee The Lion & Atilla The Hun
05 Matilda King Radio
06 He Had It Coming Wilmoth Houdini
07 Sing A Tropical Song Andrews Sisters, The
08 Rum And Coca Cola Andrews Sisters, The
09 Scandal In The Family Sir Lancelot
10 The Century Of The Common Man Sir Lancelot
11 Old Lady With A Rolling Pin Sir Lancelot
12 Mary Ann Lord Invader, Armando Castro & Joe
13 Calypsonian Invasion Duke Of Iron
14 Jackie Robinson Lord Invader
15 Run Joe Louis Jordan
16 Stone Cold Dead In The Market (He Had It Coming) Fitzgerald, Ella & Jordan, Louis
17 Cab Calloway MacBeth The Great
18 Cold In De Winter Thomas, Lloyd
19 Is She Is, Or Is She Ain’t Charmer, The
20 His Feet Too Big For De Bed Kenton, Stan & Christy, June
21 Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell Kitt, Eartha
22 Calypso Blues Cole, Nat ‘King’
23 Last Train Duke Of Iron
24 Labor Day Carnival (Jump In The Line) Lord Invader
25 Chicago, Chicago Lord Invader
26 Parakeets Duke Of Iron
27 Prisoner Arise (Prizonaire Levé) Duke Of Iron
28 Hurricane Janet Lord Christo
29 Big Bamboo Mighty Panther
30 Hacienda Hotel Radio Advertisement Sir Lancelot
Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 2
01 Man Smart (Woman Smarter) Belafonte, Harry
02 Matilda Belafonte, Harry
03 Hold ‘Em Joe Belafonte, Harry
04 Kalenda Rock (Mourning Song) Belafonte, Harry
05 Man Piaba Belafonte, Harry
06 Jump Down, Spin Around Belafonte, Harry
07 Banana Boat Song Belafonte, Harry
08 Jamaica Farewell Belafonte, Harry
09 Brown Skin Girl Belafonte, Harry
10 Melda Massi Belafonte, Harry
11 Come Back Liza Belafonte, Harry
12 Mary’s Boy Child Belafonte, Harry
13 Mama Look A BooBoo Belafonte, Harry
14 Cocoanut Woman Belafonte, Harry
15 Island In The Sun Belafonte, Harry
16 Scratch Scratch Belafonte, Harry
17 Don’t Ever Love Me Belafonte, Harry
18 Cordelia Brown Belafonte, Harry
19 Haiti Cheri Belafonte, Harry
20 Judy Drownded Belafonte, Harry
21 Lead Man Holler Belafonte, Harry
22 Sweetheart from Venezuela Belafonte, Harry
23 Gloria Belafonte, Harry
24 Monkey Belafonte, Harry
25 Reincarnation Belafonte, Harry
26 Tongue Tie Baby Belafonte, Harry
27 Don’t Stop The Carnival Belafonte, Harry
Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 3
01 The Banana Boat Song Tarriers, The
02 Marianne Gilkyson, Terry & Easy Riders, The
03 Marianne Hilltoppers, The
04 Calypso Melody Rose, David
05 In De Banana Tree Mills Brothers
06 Calypso Gal Hayman, Richard
07 Bahama Mama Four Aces feat Alberts, Al
08 Curiosity Calypso Gilbert, Ray
09 Mangos Clooney, Rosemary & Comstock, Frank
10 Yellow Bird Norman Luboff Choir, The
11 Calypso Hooray Astaire, Fred
12 Calypso Joe Johnson, Ray
13 Freddy’s New Calypso Mitchell, Freddie
14 When Rock And Roll Come To Trinidad Cole, Nat ‘King’
15 Dancing To The Rock And Rolla (Rum And Coca Cola) Fontane Sisters, The
16 Calypso Rock And Roll Deeps, The
17 Calypso Rock Day, Dave & Redcoats, The
18 Calypso Rock Mike Pedicin Quintet
19 Waikiki Farewell Wilson, Stan
20 (Tell De Batter To) Hit De Long Ball Four Happy Fellas
21 Number One Simpson, Hoke
22 Zombie Jamboree Kingston Trio, The
23 Calypso Sweetheart Snow, Hank
24 The Banana Boat Song Johnnie & Jack
25 Let’s Go Calypso Draper, Rusty
26 My Man True To Me Nita, Rita & Ruby
27 Banana Boat (Day-O) Freberg, Stan
28 The Banana Boat Story (The Banana Boat Song) Buchanan & Goodman
29 High Society Calypso Armstrong, Louis
30 Take Me, Take Me Scott, Hazel
31 Don’t Stop The Carnival Rollins, Sonny
32 The Safety Song (Make The Last One For The Road A Cup Of Coffee) Conway, Julie
Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 4
01 Tastes Like Strawberries Desmond, Johnny
02 Rock Calypso Joe Treniers, The
03 Run Joe Angelou, Maya
04 Donkey City Angelou, Maya
05 Scandal In The Family Angelou, Maya
06 Devil Is A Woman Jeffries, Herb
07 The Naughty Little Flea Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
08 Shake Shake Senora Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
09 Calypso Be Bop Lord Flea & His Calypsonians
10 Donkey Bray Lord Flea
11 Calypso Rock Mary Kaye Trio
12 Fire Down Below Southern, Jeri
13 What Is This Generation Coming To? Mitchum, Robert
14 Jean And Dinah Mitchum, Robert
15 Don’t Hurry Worry Me Gilkyson, Terry & Easy Riders, The
16 Go, Go, Calypso! Doren, Mamie Van
17 Technique Boone, Pat
18 Mama Look A BooBoo (Boo Boo Man) Calypso Carnival feat King Flash
19 Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree Mosier, Enid & Her Trinidad Steel Band
20 Boys Days Mosier, Enid & Her Trinidad Steel Band
21 Yankee Dollar Premice, Josephine
22 Leave De Atom Alone Premice, Josephine
23 The Bottle Imp Holder, Geoffrey
24 Sugar Cane Holder, Geoffrey
25 Stew Pig Knuckles Calypso MacNiles
26 Wedding Bell Calypso (Man Talk Too Much) Parker, Fess
27 Calypso Dance Anthony, Ray
28 Limbo Diamonds, The
29 Limbo Roger King Mozian & El Boy
30 Chalypso Duke, Billy & His Dukes
Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 5
01 Chocolate Whiskey And Vanilla Gin Ros, Edmundo
02 Day Dah Light (Banana Loaders’ Song) Connor, Edric
03 London Is The Place For Me Lord Kitchener
04 Kitch (Small Comb, Scratch Me Head) Lord Kitchener
05 Food From The West Indies Lord Kitchener
06 The Underground Train Lord Kitchener
07 Tick! Tick! (The Story Of The Lost Watch) Lion, The
08 Victory Test Match Lord Beginner
09 John Goddard Lord Beginner
10 Manchester United Calypso Connor, Edric
11 Kitch's Bebop Calypso Lord Kitchener
12 Is Trouble Lord Kitchener
13 Chinese Children Mighty Terror
14 Patricia Gone With Millicent Mighty Terror
15 No Carnival In Britain Mighty Terror
16 Brown Skin Gal Mighty Terror
17 Prince Rainer Lord Invader
18 My Experience On The Reeperbahn Lord Invader
19 Woman Is A Man's Best Friend Browne, George (Young Tiger)
20 Liberia Bliff Radie Byne
21 Last Train To San Fernando Duncan, Johnny & Blue Grass Boys, The
22 Sweetie Charlie Holder, Frank
23 Coffee Bar Calypso Daniels, Maxine
24 Gossip Calypso Cribbens, Bernard
25 Shame And Scandal In The Family Percival, Lance
Various - History - Calypso Craze (6-CD - 1-DVD Deluxe Box Set) Box set 6
01 Atomic Nightmare Talbot Brothers
02 Don’t You Call Me Boo Boo Talbot Brothers
03 Collegiate Invasion Bean, Sidney & Fough, Eddie
04 Green Ticket Smith, Hubert
05 Right Side Of The Road Smith, Hubert & His Coral Islanders
06 Don’t Touch Me Tomato Goombay Kings
07 Calypso Island Eloise Trio, The
08 Run, Come See Jerusalem Blind Blake
09 Delia' Gone Blind Blake
10 Hold ‘Em Joe Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band
11 Calypso Cha Cha Cha Count Lasher & His Calypsonians
12 Don't Blame It On Elvis Fabulous McClevertys, The
13 I Like Ike Mighty Zebra
14 Scandal In St Thomas Mighty Zebra
15 Vim, Vigor And Vitality La Motta Brothers, The & Virgin Islanders, The
16 Calypso Joe Amando, Luis
17 Calypso Man Prado, Perez & Jays, The
18 Jack, Jack, Jack El Boy
19 Calypso Blues Puente, Tito feat Versatones, The
20 Matilda Cuarteto D'Aida
21 Weekend News Lord Caresser
22 Atomic Energy Lord Caresser
23 Nescafe Calypso Woiski, Max
24 Limbo Nina & Frederik
25 Ramadin All Stell [sic] Percussion Band Of Trinidad [TASPO]
26 Ugly Girls Have Pretty Names La Viny, Geraldo & Clemendore, Joseph (Cobra Man)
27 Mama Ist Aus Kuba Babs, Alice
28 Banana Boat Song Hamamura, Michiko
29 If You Wanna Be Happy Soul, Jimmy

Autor Calypso Craze
Discográfica Bear Family
Formato 6 CDs Box + Book