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  • Mad Sin - Century
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A1 The Awakening (Intro)
A2 Are You Ready?
A3 Moon Over Berlin
A4 Alles Ist Schlecht
A5 Hallucinate
A6 Aggression
A7 Shine A Light
A8 House Of Fun
B1 All My Friends
B2 Till Death Do Us Part
B3 Memento Mori
B4 Something's Wrong
B5 Totgesagte Leben Länger
B6 Kill Girl
B7 The Long Hard Road Back From Hell
B8 Unbreakable
CD-1 The Awakening (Intro)
CD-2 Are You Ready?
CD-3 Moon Over Berlin
CD-4 Alles Ist Schlecht
CD-5 Hallucinate
CD-6 Aggression
CD-7 Shine A Light
CD-8 House Of Fun
CD-9 All My Friends
CD-10 Till Death Do Us Part
CD-11 Memento Mori
CD-12 Something's Wrong
CD-13 Totgesagte Leben Länger
CD-14 Kill Girl
CD-15 The Long Hard Road Back From Hell
CD-16 Unbreakable

Autor Mad Sin
Discográfica Century Limited Records
Formato LP 180gr. + CD