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Vol. 15

  • Greasy Rock'n'Roll - Blakey
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The Chevelles – Tears
The Cyclones – Safety Zone
Don Thomas – Hey Little Dancing Girl
Joe Diamond – Three Sheets In The Wind
Raylene & The Blue Angels – Shakin’ All Over
Myron Lee – Fat Man
The Starks – Hot Skippin’ Lou Lou
Johnny Rebb – Pretty Thing


The Shots – Keep A Hold Of What You’ve Got
The Jesters 111 – Messed Up Woman
The Venturas – The Corrido Twist
Walt Cochran – Sitting On Top Of The World
The Hesitations – Wild Little Willie
Vernon Derrick – Seven Come Eleven
Leonard Carbo – Pigtails And Blue Jeans
Lenny Davis – Satan’s Got You

Autor Greasy Rock & Roll
Discográfica Blakey Records
Formato LP