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Vol 4: Hippie In A Blunder Gatefold LP

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This fourth volume collects a further eighteen tracks of fucked up Hillbilly (Trailer) Trash and bat shit crazy toons. Most of which are rare as hens teeth, originally recorded way back for long-lost independent record labels. Introduction and liner notes by Mack Stevens. Short story by Avery Powell. Artwork and hand-lettering by Olaf Jens.

1. Johnny Buckett - Hippie In A Blunder
2. Guy Drake - The Marching Hippies
3. Smokey Harless - Place For Them Called Hell
4. Red River Dave - The California Hippie Murders
5. Bud Freeman - Because Of LSD
6. Wendell Austin & The Country Swingers - LSD
7. Sam & Annie Taylor - Marijuana Grave
8. Vic Woodard & Claudia - Hippie Yippie
9. Jimmie Ray - Pushers

1. Johnny Price - Marijuana, The Devil Flower
2. Buck Jones - A Box Of Grass
3. Bobby Roberts - The Hippies Next Door
4. Buck Ritchey - The Slave
5. Ken Myers - The Needle
6. Harry Snyder - The Needle
7. Bill Woods - The Story Of Susie
8. Arkie Blue & The Blue Cowboys - Too Many Pills
9. Keith Herrick - I'm Not Gonna Be A Hippie Anymore

Autor Twisted Tales fron the Vinyl Wastelands
Discográfica Trailer Park Records
Formato LP Gatefold