When Night Comes To Berlin

  • Ray Collins' Hot Club
  • Nuevo

Side A:
Is This Love
Nobody But You
Watch Your Step
What Was That
When Nights Comes To Berlin

Side B:
7 Years In A Coffin
Keep 'Em Comin'
Just Plain
Young And Wild
Burn In Hell
Recall It All

16,00 €

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Ray Collins´ HOT-CLUB, mainly known for early rhythm and blues now

surprise with a swing album.
In this new field of music they stick to their own way of doing
things. With their own compositions, they might have managed to
add something unique and maybe even new to the genre.
If swing makes you think of the soundtrack to a sophisticated
afternoon dance, this record might surprise you.
Thirteen tracks tell stories about all aspects of life, from long
nights in Berlin to usefull strategies to avoid stepping into
From loud and wild to melancholic this acoustic movie leads
through a lot of sceneries and moods.
Our advice is: Close your eyes and enjoy the movie.

Autor Ray Collins' Hot Club
Discográfica Brisk Records
Formato LP 180gr.