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The Surf, Drag, Hot Rod Music!

  • Loud Pipes & Long Boards
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The Surf, Drag, Hot Rod Music!
Toes On The Nose-Pedal To The Metal

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Side A:
Chiyo & The Crescents: Devil Surf
The Mosriters: On The Run
The Polaras: Crickets
The Royal Guitar Ens: Diamond Head
The Gestics: Kahuna
Les Bourreaux: Surfin' Rope
The Vibrents: Fuel Injection
LeSabres Combo: Standby

Side B:
The Squires: Batmobile
The Saints: Sand Storm
Les Cyclones: A Tombeau Ouvert
The Casteways: Vibrations
Les Jaguars: Attaque
The Ric-A-Shays: Groov
The Freedom Riders: Loempia
The Splinters: King Of The Bun-ga-loos

Autor Loud Pipes & Long Boards
Discográfica Red Barons Records
Formato LP