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Vol. 3 - 1958 - 1967

  • High School Rumble
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A1 –Kipper & The Exciters Drum Twist
A2 –The Revells (3) Boogie 65
A3 –The Del-Rays (4) Jungle Beat
A4 –The Cobras Restless
A5 –The Galaxies (6) Ad Lib
A6 –Link Davis Beatle Bug
A7 –D-Y And The Motivators* Hold It
A8 –Frogmen (2) Sea Haunt
A9 –The Pacers (7) Bird Swing
B1 –The Clefs (4) The Dream Train Special
B2 –The Emeralds (6) Sittin' Bull
B3 –Bob Taylor And The Counts Thunder
B4 –The Big Timers* Hangin' High
B5 –Steve Rowe And The Furys* Minor Chaos
B6 –The Crusaders (8) Moving Out
B7 –The Fabulous Flames (2) House Boy
B8 –The Highminded The New "E"
C1 –The Phantoms Band* Phantom Freight
C2 –Tokays Out Of Hand
C3 –The Thunderstorms Retreat
C4 –The Bob-Chords Hi-Voltage
C5 –The Mad-Ladds Midnight Terror
C6 –Marlow Stewart And The Illusions Earthquake!!
C7 –Kenny And The Fiends* House On Haunted Hill (Part 2)
C8 –The Princetons Five Goin' Nowhere
C9 –The Sonics (8) Fox Fire
D1 –The Tradewinds (3) The Snake
D2 –The Alberto Combo The Green Monster
D3 –The Bobby Warren Five Medicine Man
D4 –Jerry & Reggie* Shoo Shoo
D5 –The Bonnavills Dirty Herb
D6 –The Intruders (8) Morse Code
D7 –The Uniques (5) Sabby
D8 –The Preachers (2) The Zeke
D9 –The Cobblestones Down With It

Autor High School Rumble Vol. 3
Discográfica Headshake
Formato 2 LPs