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Tornadoes, Challengers, Jerry Cole...

  • More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar
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A1 –The Avengers VI Time Bomb 1:47
A2 –Jan Davis Surfbuster 2:14
A3 –Jerry Cole And His Spacemen Midnight Surfer 1:55
A4 –The Tornadoes The Gremmie Pt. 1 2:31
A5 –The Trashmen Stick Shift 2:51
A6 –The Surfaris Yep 2:25
A7 –The Belairs Volcanic Action 2:28
B1 –The Teemates Walk, Don't Run '64 2:12
B2 –Al Casey (2) The Hearse 1:57
B3 –The Challengers Satan's Theme 2:24
B4 –The Progressives (3) Hot Cinders 2:10
B5 –The Vibrants Scorpion 2:29
B6 –The Avengers VI Heartbeat 2:14
B7 –P.J. And Artie* (They Call The Wind) Maria 3:35
C1 –The Surfriders (3) Surfbeat 2:34
C2 –The Stage-Men Fall Out 2:28
C3 –The Gladiators* Istambul 1:53
C4 –P.J. And Artie* Fink 1:42
C5 –The Surfriders (3) Rum Runner 2:18
C6 –The Citations* Moon Race 2:14
C7 –The Vibrants Wildfire 1:40
D1 –Thom Starr And The Galaxies* Strange Fever 2:43
D2 –The Tornados (3) Scalping Party 2:06
D3 –The Teensmen Spin Out 2:15
D4 –Kenny And The Fiends* Moon Shot 1:57
D5 –The Travelers (2) Spanish Moon 2:06
D6 –The Truants The Truant 1:51
D7 –The Pastels* Raw-Hide 2:08

Autor More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar
Discográfica Sundazed Records
Formato 2 LPs 180gr.