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Rockin' Rollin' vol.2

  • Dick Dale
  • Nuevo

Side A:
The Faierst Of Them All (Listen Here)

Side B:
Stop Teasing / Without Your Love (Listen Here) / (Listen Here)

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In 1960, Dick Dale released his last single before his surfer days with the small company Cupid Records, from Sherman Oaks, California.   On it, he was backed by Tommy Oliver's band, and its B-side contains THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, a marvellous piece of orchestrated rock'n'roll, with a crooner touch, that we rescue to open this EP, and which marked the end of his first musical stage.
The B-side of this EP features two previous songs from 1960, both released on his second single for his father's label, Del-Tone Records.  STOP TEASING is a hot rhythm & blues, New Orleans style, a far cry from what Dick had recorded on his early records, topped off with a great guitar solo.  It was originally paired with WHITOUT YOUR LOVE, a slow blues, in the same vein as Elvis Presley's Don't Ask Me Why, which opens up even more the musical spectrum that Dick was handling before he made his leap to fame.
These three tracks perfectly complement the three ones that make up the first EP in this series, and are a perfect summary of Dick's rock'n'roll years, before the release of his next single, Let's Go Trippin' / Del-Tone Rock, his first one with The Del-Tones and his consecration as the king of surf music.
DeeJay Francho

Autor Dick Dale
Discográfica Sleazy Records
Formato SGs - EPs