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your online music shop specializing in 50's Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, Instrumental Surf and Rythm & Blues.

Sleazy Records S.L. company, founded in the year 2000, is crrently one of the most important independent Rockin' music retailers in the country with an outstanding reputation in the Spanish market. We deal with daily delivery requests and our high level of efficiency and quality of service can be vouched for by hundreds of clients.

Sleazy Records, along with being a record label, markets and sells goods from other national and international companies. We stock items from various prestigious and well-known labels such as, Bear Family, Rhythm Bomb Records, Rollercoasters, Norton, Goofin', Ace, Part, Wild, and many more to be found in our website. You'll also come across thousands of other items related to the Rockin' scene - CDs, Vinyls, DVDs, Books, T-shirts, Hair greases and pomades etc. etc.

The albums released by Sleazy Records can be found amongst a wide network of global distributors who deal with marketing in countries such as Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy and the USA.

Since 2005 Sleazy Records has been based in a shop in central Málaga, Spain, open daily to the public, where you can pass by and browse for new music in person. You can find us in:

Sleazy Records
C/ Dos Aceras, 14
29012 - Málaga (Spain)


We also make regular appearances at the most important Rockabilly festivals in Spain and other European countries such as, Italy, Portugal and France. 

Happy Shopping!