Back To The Blue Side

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Back To The Blue Side

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Set List:
True Lovers Go Places (Theo Lawrence)
I've Overstayed My Welcome In Your Heart (Dan Englund)
Tell Her (Theo Lawrence)
If This Table Could Talk (Jake Penrod)
The Little White House (Wayne Walker)
Take A Letter, Miss Gray (Justin Tubb)
More Habit Than Desire (Ben Parsons)
I'm Not Supposed To Love You (Betty Jean Lewis)
I'm Deep In Love (Theo Lawrence)
Once Upon A Time (Theo Lawrence)
Tearing Her Heart Out (Jake Penrod)
Has Anybody Seen Me Lately (Harlan Howard)
Wanted (Ronnie Self)
The Blue Side Of Me (Theo Lawrence)

This album sound like a top of then line country music record for one reason only:
The Countyry Side Of Harmonica Sam play their music that way.
Harlan Howard famously stated that "all you need write a country song is three chords and the truth".
Although he said that right, I believe that delivering the song also takes personality, musicanship, style, and other traits of that nature.
In the case of these five Swedish honky-tonk heroes, they have it all.
This band is bringing quality back in style, and I don't know about you, but I sure have missed it. Their work is characterized by the high standarts that used to be the very essence of recordings made for Decca Records in Nashville, or Capitol in California, but that somehow got more and more scarce as country music's path went on.
I'm sure you will agree that these guys really have a way with a sad song. Their music rings with the sound of heartache, loneliness, and love. It is the kind of love that, whether it is faded, unrequited, or burning with desire, can make one lose his mind and stay out late wandering the streets after closing time.

After listening to this record, you might catch youself thinking that being blue might be the most beautiful feeling in the world. Or at least it is when you have such a fine soundtrack to cry along to.

Harmonica Sam and his team might be on the "Country Side", but they can't seem to shake off that lonesome feeling called the blues.

Theo Lawrence

Autor The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam
Discográfica Sleazy Records
Formato CD - Digipack