Showcase - LP

  • The Barnstompers - Sleazy
  • Nuevo

Annita, Charlie Thompson, Raina Brody, Glenn Doran, Junior Marvel & Eddie Byrd!

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Side A:
Passing The Blues Around

I Need Lovin'  - Vocal Annita
Farther Than My Eyes Can See - Vocal Charlie Thompson
Don't Lock Your Daddy Out - Vocal Glenn Doran & Guitar Eddie Byrd
Baby, You Got What It Takes - Vocal Annita & K.C. Byrd
Looped - Vocal Junior Marvel & Guitar Eddie Byrd
I'm Setting You Free - Vocal Charlie Thompson & Guitar Eddie Byrd

Side B:
My Baby's Done Gone Away
- Vocal Glenn Doran & Second Guitar Eddie Byrd
It's Gotta Be That Way
- Vocal Charlie Thompson
False Hearted Girl - Vocal Annita & K.C. Byrd
The Blues Keep Knocking - Vocal Glenn Doran & Guitar Eddie Byrd
I Got It Made
No Love In You - Vocal Junior Marvel

Autor The Barnstompers
Discográfica Sleazy Records
Formato LP