Is Flat Gittin' It

  • The Flat Git It Gang
  • Nuevo

Featuring: Songs and Stories FOURTEEN ORIGINAL TRACKS

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Side A:
Every Step Of The Way
I Will Never Bother You Again
Ridin' The Train Of Life
Cheatin' On My Mind
I Don't Take Kindly To That
There Ain't No Flies O n Me
I Checked Up On Your Story

Side B:
Wasted Years
I Miss Someone Real Bad
Stars In Texas
If You Would Turn Me Down
Swing That Boogie
How I Hate To Lose You
Flat Git It Bounce

I consider it a great honor to be asked to write the liner notes for this exciting new recording project by my good friend, Jan Svenssoon.

Having been a part of the country music world years ago, I can always tell when an artist is headed for sucess by outstanding talent as well as the selection songs.

I my years as an MGM recording artist, I have seen many of my friends become successful. I was with the record label the same time Hank Williams Sr, Conway Twitty and Marvin Rainwater were.

It would have beet great to have Jan along with us; but now you can sit back and enjoy this fine talent and realize that stardom is beckoning.

I personally feel that this is is just beginning of something great on the contry music scene.

The tittle fully describes how this will happen as Jan will "Flat Get It" to happen by all the hard work that has gone into this wanderful recording.

Congratulations Jan! From an old friend.
"Country" Bill Carter.

Musicians line-up:
Vocals: Camilla Johansson
Guitar: Adam Poellinger
Vocals, Guitar: Jan Svensson
Rhythm Guitar: Thorbjön Hellman
Steel Guitar: Jussi Huhtankangas
Fiddle, Vocals: Metteo Ringressi
Fiddle: Jimmy Sunnebrandt
Piano, Vocals: Christer Aberg
Bass, Vocals: Carl-Johan Viktor
Drums: Robert Skoglun

Autor Flat Git It Gang
Discográfica Sleazy Records
Formato LP