Need You

  • The Mellows - Sleazy Recods
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The Mellows Are:
Colton Turner - Vocals /Rhythm Guitar
Zane Turner - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jack Christy - Drums / Backing Vocals
Yari Bolanos - Bass / Backing Vocals

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The Mellows present their sophomore album "Need You" with the same catchy melodies, stomping rhythms and tender charm you would expect after listening to their debut last year, this time with a heavy dose of attitude and Texas swagger they have developed since the move from San Diego, California. These 12 new original songs written and recorded at home in Austin, Texas will keep your feet moving and your mind dreaming of a far away place. This is timeless, honest, songwriting in its purest form, brought to you by a young group of brothers and childhood friends. It's safe to say, The Mellows are here to stay.

Side A:
How Was I To Know
That's How The Story Goes
Yes I Do
Need Lovin' Baby
Phantom Parade Of Love

Side B:
I'm In Love With You
Kiss And Make Up
I Know I Don't Know
Need You
The Cure
Cold Nights

Autor The Mellows / Colton Turner
Discográfica Sleazy Records
Formato LP